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The Oldest Profession Podcast

Oct 23, 2017

It’s a hot one outta the gate because Kaytlin (@kaytlinbailey) invites Wendi (@wendibird82) into her bedroom for a surprisingly unsexy reason! Then, after discussing their favorite, overpriced reusable containers, they dive into the sordid tale and love story of Harriet Hicks, one of the few documented cases of harassment and abuse of women by the government along with a gaggle of well-meaning but ill-informed feminists. Harriet worked as a prostitute during inception of the CDA (Contagious Diseases Act) in 19th century England.
After an outbreak of syphillis in the military, the government decided against testing and treating the soldiers (it was proven to lower morale) and INSTEAD opted to randomly test prostitutes and pretty much any other women walking alone at night. Or during the day. Or early morning. Sometimes late afternoon. Once corralled and assaulted with a speculum, a woman would either be deemed clean enough to return to her life or condemned a diseased whore and locked away in solitary confinement for an undetermined amount of time. Once they finish screaming about the patriarchy, the ladies get into the pros and cons of consuming mercury AND using makeup products in lieu of tampons! They also share a couple of their harrowing hook-up tales AND expose a very modern law that penalized women for carrying condoms. PLUS, the girls read a fan email and debut their new segment “Dear Johns”. Prepare to cleanse yourself of any misconceptions you may have had about sex work…
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