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The Oldest Profession Podcast

Oct 30, 2017

What exactly does a Wednesday feel like? When will it finally be cashmere weather?!? The ladies address the tough questions before getting to their woman of the hour: Mary Jones aka Beefsteak Pete. Mary was a 33 year old black trans sex worker who has the literal & proverbial balls to show up in court in full drag in New York City in 1836. She was charged with larceny NOT with prostitution or sodomy because her clients refused to admit knowingly hooking up with a trans woman. After they delve into the delicate issue of ’tricking’ clients, Kaytlin makes the case for pooling together to provide a basic living wage to help alleviate global poverty while Wendi progressively hot-boxes her pussy throughout the episode. They also discuss the unsolved death of trans and sex worker rights activist Marsha P. Johnson and debate whether or not prop comics qualify as humans. Can we come together as a society and raise each other up? Will robots be able to take over your local drug store?? How much can a bitch get for a cunt-soaked cashmere dress?!? 
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