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The Oldest Profession

Oct 15, 2017

Yes. You read the title correctly. One of the most revered and influential writers and orators of our lifetime worked in the sex industry. Raised in the Jim Crow south, the cards were stacked against Maya but she persevered despite the added trauma of being raped by her father at 7 years old and repeatedly abandoned by her mother. At the tender age of 18, she retaliates against the two women that attempted to seduce her by pimping them out to visiting sailors. Not long after leaving the pimp lifestyle, Maya makes a drastic change offers to sell her body in order to help support a lover. Find out exactly how she made it out of the brothel and into the White House where she was honored by 4 US Presidents PLUS Kaytlin recounts the horrific sexual harassment she endured at the hands of former employers and Wendi divulges the dirty details of her first sugaring experience.
They also showcase a modern day sex worker that is a phenomenal orator and overcame public shaming and became founder of the charity GLITS.
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Produced by Mary Kelly
Funky One Kevin MacLeod (
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