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The Oldest Profession Podcast

Dec 25, 2017

Is this phrase “Ho, ho, ho!” just the joyful expression of a jolly fat man OR the outcry of the original Captain Save-a-Ho?!? This week, the ladies discuss the legend of Patron Saint Nicholas, his relationships with sex workers and the transformation to his most popular incarnation, Santa Claus! The girls also stress the importance of setting boundaries, the delicate issue of breaking ties with a client AND easy tips to help you look your very best in the event of a police department booking photo. Wendi (@wendibird82) explains why she has no interest in the identity of a secret benefactor THEN, Kaytlin (@kaytlinbailey) shares her harrowing survival tale after a week long Twitter and fast food binge. PLUS, is it more vital to grab a knife or your best mascara when answering the front door? Does it even matter when there might be aliens preparing an attack?!?


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