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The Oldest Profession Podcast

Mar 12, 2018

This week, the ladies take a break from history lessons in an effort to highlight a present day movement to suppress and disable sex workers from willingly supporting themselves and their families by way of society’s oldest profession.

SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act) is a bill that will, most likely, be passed by the time you hear this episode. Kaytlin and Wendi break down exactly why and how this bill is harmful to sex workers and possibly even this podcast.

THEN, Kaytlin passes on the mission statement and organization goals laid out at the SASS (Seattle Annual Sex Work Symposium) and lays out specific actions you can take to help unify the sex worker front on a large and small scale.

PLUS. they get get into the pros and cons of high-value gifts versus the cash equivalent of said gifts. Can Wendi survive without unlimited Uber rides? Will Kaytlin be able to thrive within the cozy honey pot her man has prepared for her?? 


Call congressional offices directly or through the switchboard. If you do not have the direct number, you can reach US representatives by calling 202-225-3121, and US senators by calling 202-224-3121. Ask the operator to connect you to the individual office, or just tell them your state.

"So You Want To Talk About Race" - Ijeoma Oluo 


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