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The Oldest Profession Podcast

Oct 15, 2017

One of most difficult aspects of engaging in sex work is dealing with the judgement of friends, family and the general public if and when you decide to come out. With our technological advances, it’s easier than ever for internet trolls to hide behind an anonymous persona and attack strangers through multiple platforms. It’s nightmarish and it’s been going on since the dawn of man. During the 16th Century in Venice, Italy, courtesan Veronica Franco endured public shaming that attempted to strip away her status as a prolific poet and author. The ladies weigh out pros and cons of coming out publicly AND stress the importance of fucking dudes that look the same and taking probiotics! They also celebrate a surprisingly public figure that has spoken openly about her past as dominatrix and phone sex operator as well as spoiling the fuck out of the poorly executed film Tulip Fever.
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