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The Oldest Profession Podcast

Dec 18, 2017

The ladies come out of the gate swinging, taking aim at abusive men and starting their very own whisper network to help keep fellow sex workers safe in the sometimes treacherous world of the oldest profession. After Wendi (@wendibird82) suggests that they double check the lock on Kaytlin’s (@kaytlinbailey) front door, they bring you the story of Wu Zeitan and outline her rise from an impoverished child to concubine of a powerful Emperor, and finally, to her ultimate destiny as a powerful Empress. THEN, they debut a new segment called Dear John where the girls read and respond to an email question from a client AND they spitball possible business ventures that will not land them behind bars! PLUS, has Wendi’s ovulation cycle grown so intense that her building is being condemned? Have Kaytlin’s antibiotics been replaced with MDMA?? And what the hell is an Equifax sauna?!?


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