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The Oldest Profession Podcast

Feb 11, 2018

The ladies come outta the gate fired up about the treatment of chicks in entertainment (and life in general duh), then get to the task of addressing a listener’s question regarding SA negotiations within the legal confines of the podcast.  They detail the particulars of creating an aura of preciosity and increasing outwardly perceived value in any work environment. Wendi (@wendibird82) and Kaytlin (@kaytlinbailey) reveal exactly how their experiences working on cruise ships and as street fundraisers prepared them to successfully navigate the world of sugaring and trained them in the art of authentic inauthenticity. THEN, the girls dig into the history of Yoshiwara and the original Ho-topia, more respectfully referred to as ‘The Floating City’. AND, how to teach your clients to understand and appreciate your value as a provide and put yourself in the position of the buyer by asking one simple question. PLUS, get an update on the NOLA Stippers’ strike, get the inside scoop on the new facial recognition pussy and exactly how the Samurai’s invented OCD.


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