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The Oldest Profession Podcast

Oct 15, 2017

It’s the very FIRST episode of The Oldest Profession with comedians and unapologetic sex workers, Kaytlin Bailey and Wendi Starling and the ladies are coming out strong by putting the modern brothel system on blast AND recounting the life and times of historic bad bitch, Ah Toy. One of the first Chinese women to settle in the burgeoning city of San Francisco way back in 1849. In addition to recounting Ah Toy’s rise to becoming a famous prostitute and her battles against the increasingly racist judicial system, the ladies discuss using basketballs for sex AND the importance of supporting local pussy. Ah Toy may have struggled against the court system, but she miraculously survived the battle of the Chinese Tongs vs Japanese Spatulas. They also tackle the issue of deciphering the difference between trafficking victims and sex workers making an informed decision.
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