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The Oldest Profession Podcast

Jan 15, 2018

Sex workers are some of the baddest bitches around and in the 1950s, the US government took full advantage of that by forcefully enlisting handfuls of whores to aid them in administering LSD tests on their unsuspecting clients. Kaytlin (@kaytlinbailey) is justifiably appalled, while Wendi (@wendibird82) weighs the pros and cons of receiving double pay, government benefits and sipping on the sweet stash of CIA booze. The ladies take a hard turn and get into a heavy discussion about the homeless population and share the deeply personal stories that shaped the opinions they hold today. PLUS, hear why Kaytlin wants to live on top of a trash heap, how Wendi became a pool shark! They also stress the importance of focusing your energy, finding calm and freedom within yourself AND realizing the power you have to change your circumstances. Inspiring stuff. But, does anything even matter since robots are actively taking over the world… starting with this very podcast?!?


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