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The Oldest Profession Podcast

Jan 8, 2018

The girls are sobered up and exchange their drastically different holiday survival stories: Kaytlin (@kaytlinbailey) finds out the frightening details of exactly how her Father would murder the man she loves, while Wendi (@wendibird82) spills the salacious details of the Christmas Cub she seduced with the help of her sugar daddy! After catching up, the ladies dissect the history of courageously contrarian cunt, Yu Husuan-Chi. They trace Yu’s journey from young, admired poet to kept second wife and ultimate destiny as a fiery, desired artist that sabotaged herself into a position of persecution by the very people that once worshipped her. Can a fiercely outspoken and rebellious person thrive in sex work, or are those wild spirits destined to self-sabotage, contributing to their own demise? When did getting wine drunk cease to be a status symbol at the nunnery?? PLUS, the girls clumsily plug their shit AND explain why they would rather be dry fisted than unexpectedly FaceTimed.


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